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(Lily Elizabeth Watson Allen)

I share my name with a famous British popstar, so I create under my initials, Lewa! It's an easy pseudonym because I'm already Lulu to all of my nieces and nephews.


       It’s all about interpretation. Interpreting a song or message into a place or image and then interpreting that image into colors, strokes, and shapes. I want to create an exposition of my perception of the world and my journey in it. Stopping myself from getting inside my head when I paint, instead letting my mind and heart move through my hand, through the brush. I’m not a controversial artist. I’m not screaming my views of society. But I am revealing my view of the beauty around me. Hoping to bring that beauty into other’s homes. This comes out in landscape, portraits, florals, fruits, or anything else that is catching my eye at the time. 

        Growing up, I never considered myself an artist, even though I always wanted to be one.  The youngest of four, I would look up to the artistic endeavors of my older siblings in awe. My oldest brother, especially, is an impeccable artist and I would try to emulate his work. This was never successful. Once I learned that I didn't have to be an artist exactly like my brother, I conceded that perhaps I had some ability after all, and could pursue art in my own way. 

         For me, art is not about being perfect and fitting the exact model of an artist I have in my head. It has taken on a whole new role for me. It is about the expression of identity, and the journey the Lord has put me on. I also am an art teacher. I got my masters in Art Education and have been teaching for eight years. I love helping students tap into their creativity and learn how to express themselves. But I still create. I would be a hypocrite to preach to my students about the importance of self expression if I did not continue to express my journey, too. 

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