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3 Pieces of Advice To Any New Artists!

I am so inspired by the amount of people using this time of quarantine to CREATE!

Maybe you are an artist that has pressed pause for a while and are wanting to press play. Maybe you have never really created anything but for but have the bug for it! Wherever you are in your artistic journey, here are my 3 main pieces of advice for you!!!

  1. Get it out of your head that every piece of art you do has to be a masterpiece. I used to approach a painting this way. That I wanted THIS one to be exquisite. THIS painting will be beloved by many. Well, I learned that every time I did this, I would put so much pressure on myself that I ended up never liking what I created and didn't enjoy the process either. So get out of your own way! Do not put pressure on yourself and just enjoy the process!

  2. Let yourself be inspired by the artists around you, but don't try to be them. I get insanely passionate about other artists I see. I get obsessed with their work. Sarah Moore, Rebecca Hunter, Lisa Clow, Jessica Fields, Levi Watson etc. etc. I can keep listing all the people I drool over, but the point is. If I ever tried to emulate them, it was a flop. Like big time. I can't do their style or be them because, I'm me! So I let myself be inspired by the different artists I love, let them influence me, but then stay true to how I like to paint and portray the world.

  3. You don't have to have a "brand". I think that a brand can naturally happen over time as an artist develops and matures. However, the minute we try to box ourselves into a specific style to market ourselves in certain way, creativity dies. We lose who we are as artists in the end. So try a BUNCH of things! Different materials, different processes. Experiment. Grow. Breathe :)

And actually, I'm going to throw one more bonus suggestion in there! Get yourself some art soul sisters or brothers. I am CONSTANTLY sending works in progress or pieces back in forth between four different people in my life that push me to be better. My brother, Levi, my sister-in-law, Lea, and my two best friends from my art program and masters program, Jordan and Evelyn. They are my cheerleaders who support and encourage as I keep going but also give great feedback that helps me out of ruts. Get yourself some people to walk the walk with you. And hey, if you don't have anyone, I'm here!

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