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Over Under Over Under!

This year I have been swimming in paint while my yarn has collected dust! But lately as we've headed into Fall and the Holiday season, I've been craving my crochet hook and yarn needle. Working in fiber arts is such a comfort to me. It is cozy and warm and feels like my heart is wrapped in a big hug!

Especially as the year has had such high highs and such low lows, weaving lately has been a hilarious parallel for 2020. You have to weave over and under, over and under each blessing and hurdle!

If you would like to learn how to weave and create weavings, here are 4 videos for beginners taking you through each step!

Step One: Make your loom!!!

Step two: Begin your weaving!

Step Three: Continue weaving and when you are finished, add your fringe!!!

Step Four: Tuck in all your tails and take it off the loom!!

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