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Remembering Stories

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

I am in the middle of a story that God is writing. He began this particular story years ago in kirk's and my heart individually before we met. From those first stirrings of adoption desires to our now more knowledgeable understanding, He's been writing a story. We're in a chapter of that story where we can't see the end yet. We have faith and are persevering, but we just experienced one of the most painful aspects of an adoption journey you can have, twice. I shake my head in disbelief that I am writing that word. Twice.

While we have no idea what God is doing right now, and what He is writing for the end of this story, we trust in His will. The pain is real, the deep grief and despair are real, but His goodness is palpable through it all.

One of the many ways God has given us comfort in this time of uncertainty is by reminding us all that He is done in our past. He has proven over and over again that He works in us through tension. Recording these stories, remembering them, and retelling them are essential for our walks of faith. Not only do they keep us grounded in the truth of who God is, but they can impact our friends and families when we share.

I had a very unique experience of getting to tell a story from a couple of years ago of what God was doing in my heart in video form for our church. I fumbled through the steps of meeting with the person creating the video for a pre-interview, sitting down to film the interview-type questions again, and then filming a "B-roll" of what life looks like at our home awkwardly and timidly. But every time I felt scared to be vulnerable, I let my appreciation for what God had been doing in my heart propel me forward. Sam Scott, the videographer is a true artist and pieced together over an hour of my rambling into a coherent beautiful reminder of God's good work.

Since then, after the video was used in a sermon one Sunday, I have had a variety of people express how much they were encouraged and comforted. It really goes to show how powerful the sharing of our stories can be, both when we are re-telling them to ourselves and when we are sharing them with others. And now, how cool is it that I have this video to refer to when I am needing to remember God's work in my life?

Here is that video. Below, there is a link to the full sermon if you would like to hear more and how they used this in church. If you have time and feel compelled, I highly recommend listening to JC's sermon on spiritually formed community.

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