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15 3/4" x 12"

original on raw canvas 


In the midst of life's responsibilities and the weight of daily challenges, it's all too easy to lose touch with the deep wellspring of joy within us. 'Lullaby of Joy' speaks to the yearning for true joy, the kind that surpasses all understanding and is found in the Holy Spirit.

As we navigate the pressures of life, we may find ourselves awake into the late hours, our souls battling with anxiety. It's in these moments that the Holy Spirit sings a lullaby of peace, calm, and genuine joy over us, a joy that can only come from Jesus.

This painting is a visual and spiritual testament to the power of faith and the promise of tranquility and true joy amidst the anxieties of life. 'Lullaby of Joy' stands as a symbol of hope and peace, a reminder that, even in the darkest hours, God's light can fill our souls with profound and lasting joy.

Lullaby of Joy

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