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Last year I had the privilege of collaborating with the tech team at Fellowship Middlebrook. It was humbling to see how hard they work to create and enhance an environment for people to worship, praise, and connect with God. I built up layers of thinned neutral paints to create textures that would respond with different lighting techniques. It really pushed me artistically working with creative brains that operate differently than mine. And I still get chills thinking about the opportunity I had to serve my church in this way.

I created a quick amateur video of our process to show my art students the different stages of creating an installation piece.

When the time came to take the installation down, I knew I wanted to save and use the canvases in some way. There were so many beautiful subtle moments in the layers that I knew could stand alone on their own as a piece. I then had to push myself artistically again and challenge my brain to approach composition inversely from my normal process. I pushed all my furniture out of the way, rolled out the canvases, grabbed my scissors, and got to work finding each piece, pulling them out like a word search.

As I found each piece, I numbered them on the back to keep track of what size stretcher bars I would need to build. I was incredibly excited about how many I was able to discover that could stand alone. Afterwards, I used smaller pieces, cut interesting organic shapes from them, and collaged new compositions to add a couple paintings to the collection. Out of the 31 pieces I ended up with, 16 of them are available to purchase. Sizes range from 5x7 to 56x46.

My hope is that these pieces will continue to enhance. Once enhancing a space for worship, I hope they fulfill that same purpose in people's homes.

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