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Finding Light in Chaos: The "There is Light" Abstract Painting Series

Earlier this month the weight of various hardships affecting friends and family, along with my own anxieties settled heavily on my heart. I found myself carrying those worries and feeling bewildered by the trials they are facing. In the midst of my confusion, I turned to prayer as a means of release, connection, and guidance. As I journaled my prayer and laid out my vulnerability, I admitted to the Lord that I had been striving to navigate life's challenges on my own, neglecting the divine wisdom and comfort He offers.

In that prayer, two sentences emerged with profound clarity: 'Without You, there is only darkness. But with you, even in all the colors of confusion, there is light.' These two sentences became a wellspring of inspiration and I got out some spare pieces of canvas to translate the essence of my prayer into abstract paintings. With each layer creating an artistic testament to the transformative power of faith and the ever-present light that shines even in life's most confusing moments.

These abstract paintings on raw canvas are a visual testament to the interplay of chaos and peace. Each piece in this series, from "Nurtured Quiet" to "Vivid Mist," explores the dance of line and color, reflecting the tumultuous nature of life. Yet, amidst the chaos, there's a prevailing sense of calm, a peace that can only emanate from a higher source.

The intention behind these paintings is to inspire others to seek solace in the midst of their own confusion and chaos, to turn to God's divine presence, and to let His peace settle within. They serve as a reminder that even in life's most bewildering moments, there is light to guide us through.

Nurtured Quiet

8 1/2 " x 7 "

Nurtured Quiet expresses the serenity amidst the chaos. It blends soft and vivid colors with dynamic lines, reflecting life's intricate balance. I hope the interplay of chaos and tranquility on this canvas mirrors the eternal journey we all embark on.


Whimsical Solitude

7 1/4 " x 7 "

This piece speaks of the profound presence of light that God brings into our world of confusion. With a whimsical dance of colors and shapes, it takes you on a journey through the intricate balance of life's chaos and the peace found in divine solitude. Each stroke is a testament to the harmonious coexistence of the two.


Petals of Sanctuary

7 3/4 " x 7 1/4 "

This canvas is a playground where vivid and gentle elements coalesce, creating a sanctuary of balance and beauty. With subtle floral inspirations, it's an invitation to contemplate the harmony between complexity and serenity.


Peppered Growth

7 " x 7 1/4 "

Painted during a time when I often find myself immersed in my roles as a mother and wife, 'Peppered Growth' is a visual reflection of the grace that the Lord extends in our lives. In the hustle of life, moments of growth and healing are gently peppered in, creating a tapestry of colors and movement.


Mountain Drive

7 1/2" x 7 "

Much like a mountain drive that offers a change of perspective and a breath of fresh air, 'Mountain Drive' invites you to contemplate the beauty that can emerge from adversity. It's a gentle reminder that, just as a scenic drive can bring clarity and peace, so can the presence of God in our lives.


October Orchard

7 1/2" x 7 1/4 "

This piece is a visual ode to the transformative beauty of life's changing seasons. Much like the arrival of autumn when leaves gently fall away and usher in a new season, 'October Orchard' evokes a sense of renewal, hope, and beauty. It reminds us that even in the darkest of times, there is light—an ever-present promise of growth, healing, and the anticipation of what lies ahead.

This painting is a visual representation of life's cyclical and transformative nature, an artistic testament to the ever-renewing spirit within us.


Press into the Winds

8" x 6 1/4 "

Life, like the wind, can be a gentle breeze or a tumultuous storm. In every variation, God brings light and clarity. 'Press into the Winds' is an artistic embodiment of the encouragement to embrace life's journey fully, just as one would press into the wind. It's a reminder that engaging with the path God has set for us, seeking His guidance, and growing amidst life's changes are essential elements of our spiritual and personal evolution.


Cobblestone Clarity

8" x 7"

Its warm and neutral colors resonate with the imagery of a cobblestone path—earthy, textured, and occasionally uneven. In moments when the path of life feels bumpy and uneven, this artwork is a visual testament to the clarity, direction, and hope that God provides. It symbolizes His ability to bring light to the darkest corners and stability to the cobblestone road we all walk.


Rippled Healing

7" x 6 1/2"

This piece is a visual tapestry of complexity, a whirlwind of movement, and a dance of various linework. In the spirit of this series, it mirrors the profound realization that, just as life can often feel busy, chaotic, and intricate, God is at work in the midst of the mess. Much like the tiny bud of growth, 'Rippled Healing' signifies the beginning of a journey, a transformation, and a divine pursuit of our growth.

As the chaos unfolds on canvas, it's a reminder that even in the messiest of moments, healing is taking place—little by little. 'Rippled Healing' encapsulates the intricate beauty that arises from God's relentless pursuit of our hearts and His commitment to our growth.


Whispered Leaves

15 1/2" x 12"

One of the larger pieces within this series, its shapes and lines evoke the imagery of dancing autumn leaves, falling as a new season of growth and change begins. This painting is a celebration of faith, change, and the divine presence that guides us through life's ever-evolving moments.


Epiphany of Hope

16" x 12"

In this painting, I wanted to capture the moment when sudden realization strikes and the grace and hope of Jesus abruptly challenge the dark turmoil of life's tumultuous battles.

With various line works and soft, flowing movement, it captures the essence of God's transformative power, reminding us that He nurtures growth and breathes life into moments of despair and hopelessness. It symbolizes the divine epiphanies, realizations, and understandings that God's grace brings—moments of clarity and renewed hope, like a sparkling light on the horizon.


Weathered Love

15 1/2" x 12"

This painting encapsulates the message that as we journey through life, experiencing its trials and tribulations, it's easy to feel weathered, worn, and fatigued.

Yet, amid the challenges, God's call to love remains unwavering. His Holy Spirit moves within our souls, and He continues to love through us, even when we feel weathered by the storms of life. 'Weathered Love' represents the eternal truth that, regardless of how worn or tired we may become, God breathes life, brings light, restores, and loves us.


Lullaby of Joy

15 3/4" x 12"

In the midst of life's responsibilities and the weight of daily challenges, it's all too easy to lose touch with the deep wellspring of joy within us. 'Lullaby of Joy' speaks to the yearning for true joy, the kind that surpasses all understanding and is found in the Holy Spirit.

As we navigate the pressures of life, we may find ourselves awake into the late hours, our souls battling with anxiety. It's in these moments that the Holy Spirit sings a lullaby of peace, calm, and genuine joy over us, a joy that can only come from Jesus.

This painting is a visual and spiritual testament to the power of faith and the promise of tranquility and true joy amidst the anxieties of life. 'Lullaby of Joy' stands as a symbol of hope and peace, a reminder that, even in the darkest hours, God's light can fill our souls with profound and lasting joy.


Budding Harvest

15" x 11 3/4"

This piece may seem like a contradiction, as it marries the symbolism of spring buds with the promise of a bountiful harvest, signifying the rewards reaped from fulfilled growth.

'Budding Harvest' emerged from a deeply contemplative prayer, reflecting on life's ability to challenge and convince us that we can't handle its weight. It's easy to feel like we're merely surviving. Yet, in the midst of this struggle, God plants seeds of promise.

Just as the first buds of spring signify the beginning of growth, 'Budding Harvest' reminds us that there's a profound promise of reward. God's faithfulness carries His divine plan to fruition. He assures us of the ultimate harvest that awaits, even when the challenges of life seem insurmountable.


Vivid Mist

16 1/4" x 12 1/4"

The very name, 'Vivid Mist' draws attention to the beautiful dichotomy of life. It encapsulates the vivid joy of living and the misty, ethereal beauty of surviving and faithfully obeying. This painting symbolizes the journey of hardship and moments of mist and confusion that life can bring. But it also signifies God's extraordinary ability to transform the fog of life into vivid and vibrant beauty.


May the "There is Light" series kindle a glimmer of hope and faith in your journey.

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